The procrastinator’s guide to organization

So it’s Sunday and you know what means – a new blog post! So,uhm this week has been very challenging for me and a plethora of opportunities rose and I needed to work my best and my smartest. Apparently, destiny in 2019 wants me to be my best career self. Plus, after ending the toxic relationship, I have even more time to invest in myself and that of course made me reflect even more. I realized I am very happy and grateful to be where I am. I am very happy for the career opportunities that opened up in the last month and all the independent projects I am working on. But, I get tired super easily and haven’t seen my friends in like two weeks. And yes, like every mortal out there, I too procrastinate AF.


Recently, I’ve been working for 8,9 hours and then study or do the projects for school, so my personal life has been pretty empty. No gatherings, no outings basically just “hustlin’ ” and it’s a lot to handle, but I know it’s only till this Wednesday, when I’m taking only 1 midterm. But that demands a incredibly high level of discipline and productivity, which sometimes Adon’t really have it, bruh. And yes, it is possible, it takes a strong will but more important, every second I live, breathe and exist on this planet, I do literally what I love. And that’s  one of the ways I beat the will to procrastinate.

I love university, I love my blog (it’s like my kid!) and I love my job. I love creating fun and humorous content and maybe even thinking of doing a podcast (please tell me your thoughts on this, much appreciate it!). I’ve been creating content ever since I was a kid and I never did it for the fame or power. I did it just because I love making people laugh and act goofy. Yes, I’m 21 years old but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my inner child. Me and her are super tight, yo!

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So, this post is actually by a request on Insta, if you don’t follow me, my handle is @sofijasion2, so go take a look, i try to do as much requests as I can 🙂 . And this time I was asked to share my organizing routine and apps in order to beat the pesky procrastination that the 21st century embedded on us. Or, basically this is the procrastinator’s guide to organization . So here’s my so-called wisdom (read bullsh*t) :

  1. How I stay on top of the game…hmm…Well, with a lot of w(h)ine (look mom I made a pun!) and just being aware of my priorities. JK, I do a list every morning on what the goal of the day is: personal goal (mental health, mindfulness, eating, working out – basically any private sphere, for example sticking to intermediate fasting ), business goals (what needs to be done and how to do it, step by step) and faculty goal (every single day in different subjects I have different things I need to do, so writing them down not only makes me remember them, but actually  motivates me to check that thing of my list. ) Also, be aware to not overwrite – write only 1-2 things per category, because creating a huge number of goals means you can’t fulfill them all and that leads to disappointment.giphy (2)
  2. I use my personal planner to write EVERYTHING down, I got a planner from Felix shop in Slovenia, for 2020 I was thinking of getting one online (still don’t know which one, so shoot me your ideas in the comments bellow or hit me a DM on insta!). So, the beauty of this particular planner (I’ve been buying the same company for 2 years now) is that it has a habit tracker, to do boxes and monthly plans. Which is freaking awesome because when it’s written down, you kinda want to or need to fill it out. I honestly believe the more the organized the planner is, the more organized I am. Because I am super laazy at writing my own stuff like that and I have the attention span of a dog. So I like everything ready haha. Also, I carry it with me everywhere and when I come home I put it on my table so I can write everything the next morning. It’s like the rule with drinking water – the more you see it, the more you wanna do it. 
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  3. And finally I defs use WunderList (click here for iOS). One of the best thing a procrastinator can do is set up 10 reminders that something has to be done. That’s where Wunderlist comes to play. I love it not only because I create my own categories, add notes and sub-tasks and even recurring tasks, but because I can share it with people and that lowers other people’s procrastination too! Also, for working in teams or projects with multiple steps I fully recommend BaseCamp. To be honest, it’s a bit hard to learn it at the beginning, but it gets a lot easier and it’s an excellent tool if you have multiple projects and you wanna keep track on all of them.
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  4. Waking up early – living in Slovenia forced me to embrace the early bird, although y’all know ya girl is an extreme night owl. It’s a known fact that most successful people wake up as early as 5 a.m. so I started waking up at 6 (5 is defs waaay to early for me) and starting my day with a short cardio workout. A minute or two of jumping rope kicks in my productivity and wakes up my body.  Because to be honest, at this rate (being out for 12 hours) I don’t really have 2 hours to hit the gym in Rozna (the uni gym) so kicking in just a little cardio is enough (there was this lady that said 2 minutes of working out is better than 0) If you start your day early, you practically feel that you have work to do and you wanna get on it faster. The minute you sleep in, it’s a lot harder to motivate yourself.03d78btihdx31
  5. Speaking of waking up early, I blast super loud happy music when waking up– as someone who takes forever to get out from bed, although I wake up super easy, I need something to force me to get out of bed and loud happy music (like this Spotify playlist does the trick).
  6. and finally I make myself aware what I am doing and why I’m doing that – Procrastination is super easy to beat when you know the reason behind the thing you’re doing. It can even be a scare – like I have to pass this exam so my parent’s money don’t go to waste and I’m not a disgrace of the family 🙃. Or just pure love toward the ultimate thing – sure, you hate cramming, but imagine the level of satisfaction when you see your hard work paying off when you pass that exam. So, not only write down what you wanna do, but focus on WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. To be honest, I love being productive and working – even my boss tells me to go home but I love my job so much I stay until I’m finished. For me, I cannot let a project to be unfinished and finish it tomorrow. I am always aware why I’m doing something and I do it with the biggest love for it ever. So if you’re doing something and looking for inspiration and trying to stop yourself from procrastinating, just remember why you’re doing that. What is it gonna bring in your life? How is it going to improve you?
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  7. Rest – I cannot stress this enough, but you cannot be your most productive version if you don’t sleep and rest. You’re going to burn out super fast and you won’t be able to do sh*t. So just go take a godd*mn nap! Take a 20 minute nap if it works for you (it doesn’t for me because I end up sleeping 3 hours and that’s the only alarm I don’t wake up to) or go early to bed or whenever you feel tired. But be cautious – the more you sleep – the more you wanna sleep, so don’t go overboard. 8 to 9 hours is optimal.  Also, allow yourself to procrastinate a little bit – I usually let myself have a half an hour break between studying or work, because it’s a known fact you can’t be focused 24/7. But, I do limit it to just half an hour, by putting on an alarm so I stay my most productive self. 
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So, that’s basically it. Again, for the 50th time, everything I do, I do it to have a better life, to be more fulfilled, healthier and of course ambition. It’s very easy to be productve when you know why you’re doing it. Personally for me, it has never been about the money ( I got my first job as an internship and then they offered me a job) and it has always been about passion. I loved freelance writing. Literally everything I do, I do with lots of love and passion. Even school –  sure I have stupd exams that basically wanna make me give up school and that are plain boring, but I am aware that I have to pass it so I can get my diploma.Love is what drives – a love towards my work, my school, this tiny blog. That is the reason why I get up every morning. That’s my drive – love.  And yes, I am also aware that sometimes you need to sacrifice some things to receive even more – like hanging out with your friends. And for me, it’s exactly that that counts.

And for them, they always understand because they’re the real people. A true friend or partner will never force you to give up your career or personal goals to spend time. They’re aware that’s selfish and toxic. So, till next Sunday, try and focus on yourselves and remember what productivity is going to bring you in the long run.

So, what are your goals? What is it that you wanna do, but you don’t feel motivated enough? 

Always yours,


Sofija Sion

I am a young, prosperous writer who just decided to open up a blog and let her thoughts and ideas spread their wings. The purpose of this blog is to have fun, enjoy it like a piece of a chocolate bar (slowly and with great zest) and maybe learn a few tricks while we’re at it.

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