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My weight loss journey in a month

Why the sudden urge to become a fitness blogger Soph?

Weight loss has never been a thing for me. But, as you all know, I recently started working out religiously. You might wonder: “Why the sudden urge to become a fitness blogger Soph?” – well, the answer is pretty straight – I have PCOS, working out makes PCOS gone. Simple as that.

Interestingly, I lost 8 cm off my hips in a month. Talk about weight loss!

There was this amazing quote by Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s the writer of Eat Pray Love. She said: You start working on yourself when you get sick of your excuses. Okay, I got it wrong, but you get the point.

So, after having the hardest time of my life a.k.a. 5-month recovery of what is a really difficult surgery, I promised myself that when I get up from that bed and of course when the doctors allow me, I will become very active. And so I did.

Here’s what exactly I did to promote weight loss

I started off with dancing. When I was a kid, I used to be an ex-pro myself. I found this really awesome Spotify playlist called Latino Cardio that works amazing for weight loss. Even after 2 months of religious dancing, I didn’t get sick of. Plus I would sweat like crazy in just 10 minutes.

Here it’s probably super important to mention two things about me:

  1. I hate body workouts. Squats, working with weights and abs are literally my worst enemy lol. So if you love this maybe I’m not the best person to follow fitness advice xD
  2. In very deep love with cardio. Ever since a kid, running got me out of depression, and I’ve been wanting to run a marathon ever since. Of course, till during quarantine, I discovered dance once again and this amazing playlist.
Your daily sweaty Soph photo

So, I tried running for a day. The first thing is I never did it for weight loss. The second is when you’re just up from surgery and you couldn’t walk a month earlier, It takes a very long time to get used to and the benefits come very later on. At least for me. Second of all, running is extremely time-consuming. When you go for a run – you need an hour of running, then coming home, then taking a shower. Ya girl has no time for that! With a podcast, growing a business, and actually working with clients, having a whole fitness routine takes up so much of time.

So I needed to find a new solution – that’s when I remembered jumping rope. As far as I remember, my aunt (a former gymnast herself) told me that jumping rope is highly effective. And ya girl bought a jumping rope, like 2 years ago and luckily packed it with her on Erasmus. Yeah, because she thought she was going to be active. And she was (at the end).

So, I started jumping a little bit. After posting videos on IG, my fitness guru, my best know-it-all-fitness-nutrition, and health-friend (/graphic designer, counselor, and probably some more stuff that I am forgetting) recommends following TheJumpRopeDudes in order to do it right and not hurt myself.

my favorite workout

So, I started by doing their one week challenge, and then things got very fun. As I said, I love cardio, and jumping rope became my best friend. At first, I did it twice per day, which isn’t super healthy if you’re a beginner – especially doing it on concrete and not with proper form. And of course, I started having very bad shin splints, so I was needing to take a small break, at least once a day.

Then my fitness guru recommended body workouts and she mentioned a particular one called the Chloe Ting challenge. So I’m doing that and I am currently one day behind a.k.a. day 11 of her 21-day Get Fit Challenge.

So basically here’s how I saw results that fast:

  1. I did a cardio workout twice a day – at least 15 minutes both, as I could progress, I made it bigger – I always push myself to the very limit. Also, the morning one is before breakfast – so I work out on an empty stomach.
  2. I do Intermittent FastingIntermittent Fasting eases PCOS symptoms, helps weight-loss, and has a ton of other benefits for your body including lowering your insulin which is key in PCOS managing. My eating window is 12-8 because it works best for me. I tried doing the 10-6 one, but it’s a lot harder on me.
  3. I snack very healthily – Working out has a tone of benefits (for me it even cleared my pesky candida) but there’s no weight loss without eating right. I’m sorry that’s just the way it is. So, I literally grab an apple, or banana or carrot or pepper from the fridge and just eat it. Also, I love peanut butter so I smack it on apples or bananas very often. And a very little does a lot. Also, I replaced all of my sugar intake with either fruit (banans are the sweetest) or sweet potatoes or honey. Coconut milk is also very sweet.
  4. I eat almost every hour – I make my portions super small, so one normal meal is eaten for like 3 hours – which again, helps PCOS very much because you need to keep sugar and insulin levels in check – eating every hour very little helps that. Plus, you turn out to eat a lot less.

This is what I used to do. I switched a bit to body workouts and strength training, but my love for cardio persists and I am getting back at doing cardio 2x a day because doing body workouts for me is a pain in the ass xd.

What do you prefer cardio or strength training? Tell me in the comments below!

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