Lazy but healthy banana oatmeal cookies

Dude, it’s a Friday so you’re probably not gonna cook. That’s why these banana oatmeal cookies should be your go-to choice. Or you might be like me, the period craving kicks in and the will to eat junk food shows up. But no, we eat healthy now, remember? Not to mention they’re paleo and vegan too.

Photos by Boki Ristovski

I’m keeping it super short and simple with vegan and paleo banana oatmeal cookies that take literally minutes to make (duh without the 2h freezing period). Also, I’m not a fitness blogger, so no, you’re not going to see my whole life history or how my perfect husband loves my cooking. Hell nah, this bitch is single and these banana oat cookies haven’t been tried by anyone, so they might even be terrible.

Photos by Boki Ristovski

Anyways, who cares, I love them. (vegan paleo) Banana oatmeal cookies fo life. Here’s my pretty simple recipe:


  • 2 ripe ass bananas
  • a handful of oats (preferably rolled but they can be wrapped too hehe, jk they can’t)
  • honey (mhhm)
  • melted dark chocolate (I mean we healthy in here)
  • Cinnamon (just because I said so)
Photos by Boki Ristovski


Basically, mash the bananas to their gruesome death, then add a shit ton of oats by doing a mike drop with your hands (I swear there is no measurement) (p.s. if you don’t do a mike drop they won’t be as tasty, so defs do that) drizzle with honey so they stick like a clingy ass boyfriend you can’t get rid off, sprinkle cinnamon like you’re Salt Bae and freeze those motherfuckers for an hour.

If you’re feeling extra, melt some dark chocolate and act like a two-year-old with a spoon of chocolate all over the frozen cookies. Freeze the motherfuckers again.

An hour later, voila – banana oatmeal cookies.

Photos by Boki Ristovski

Like this post and comment if you want more recipes, (pft, ofc I’m gonna make some more and shove it in your face, but I have to be polite to the Internet Gods or they’ll kick my lazy ass out)

Also, huge ass thank you to Boki for creating these amazing photos, because ya girl has 0 aesthetics.

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