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Jump rope for weight loss

Jump rope can burn up to 10 calories per minute. If you’re a math whizz, you will know that’s a lot. And if you don’t, then I am telling you that 10 calories per minute are a hella lot.

If you have read my blog post about my weight loss journey, you know that it works. If you ask why you need to jump rope (instead of other cardio activities) I will probably bore you for around half an hour by listing all the benefits of jumping rope. But, let’s keep it simple. For now.

But Soph, what are the benefits of jumping rope?

Well for one, as my super click-bait title says is weight loss! First things first, according to Healthline, jumping rope can burn up to 10 calories per minute! which means that would be up to 200 calories for 20 minutes. Dude :O.

However, we all know that in order to lose weight at a healthy pace, you need to create a calorie deficit by at least 500 calories per day, or 3500 per week. Very important to mention here: YOUR BODY CANNOT FUNCTION WITH LESS THAN 1500 CALORIES. So, do not even think about starving yourself.

Second, your body cannot move if you do not have energy and calories are a unit of energy, which means you need food to move. Therefore, eating right will help the jumping rope when you need weight loss.

Okay, now we are in the clear with how weight loss works and why jumping rope works. Off to other benefits:

  1. Improves balance – when jump rope, you jump with your toes, similarly standing on your toes promotes balance.
  2. Decreases belly fat – there’s a study that says that HIIT improves faster weight loss. Actually, this is the no.1 area you’re going to see changes the fastest. For me, even before I noticed my thighs, I noticed my stomach getting smaller and leaner. This also means if you want abs (I’m actually pretty obsessed with them myself and I always wanted them) jumping rope is the way to go.
  3. YOU GET TO BE A NINJA – okay forget all the doctor stuff about healthy heart and losing fat yada yada. Jumping rope is probably the only nonextreme sport that allows you TO DO THE MOST AWESOME INCREDIBLE TRICKS EVER. I’m talking eights, down-under, boxer, skip, jumping jacks… dude, you freaking name it!
Photo by: Boki Ristovski

How do I jump rope for weight loss?

I’m very glad you asked. Or didn’t. Whatever. First off, I strongly suggest following TheJumpRopeDudes because these guys are freaking ninjas at both weight loss and jumping rope. Above all, they do amazing videos including videos targetted towards a specific calorie deficit like this one. This is actually one of my favorite ones.

Another example video that for sure has promoted my own weight loss is this one:

How do I jump rope properly?

Focusing on your form is the most important thing, even as TheJumpRopeDudes say. Focusing on proper form, instead of speed is key. This is even something that I need to master. As a huge fan of speed, I sometimes screw up my form. That of course, leads to mini-injuries that slow down your progress and sometimes, even your recovery.

Photo by: Boki Ristovski

So, how do we jump rope properly?

TheJumpRopeDudes do several videos where they explain how to jump rope properly and I have gathered their advice in this photo:

And that’s about it. Have you ever thought of jumping rope? Do you like the idea of becoming a ninja? Leave a comment down bellow!

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