Getting shit done: My not-so-secret guide

Not so-secret guide to getting shit done – This sounds like a tittle of a book by Mark Manson. But it’s not. I am not that rich. Yet. This is a shitty article by Soph on how to get shit done. So welcome.

P.S. Yes, it’s meant to sound like a parody of a click-bait article.

A lot of people who know me believe I get shit done. I already wrote how to organize yourself, so now I decided to tackle the topic of getting shit done. Tho, reality is, I do procrastinate – for example it took me a good 3 hours to write this article because I was scrolling on Instagram, talking to friends and family. Point is, at the end of the day I do get shit done.

If you are wondering how I do it, here is my not so secret guide (because if it were secret you would know about it and read this article) to getting shit done.

1. Take a leap of faith

The no.1 thing I do is I risk and take leaps of faith constantly. I write emails to get a job, I move to other countries without knowing the language. I start filming myself for IG video rants. Yes, I am a daredevil. And yes, absolutely I feel fear from doing all of that.

However, the difference between me and the next person is that I take a leap of faith NO MATTER THE FEAR.

We are all scared. Difference is, people who genuinely believe in their ideas ALWAYS take the leap of faith and risk everything.

How do “we” do it? Well, it’s as simple as ignoring the voices in our heads that tell us this is going to fail and do it anyways. If you expect that there is this grand philosophy to building self-confidence and reading 10 books, I am telling you this from the start – I believe there is no book or course or anything that will give you a magic answer. Because as cliche as it sounds, the answer is within you. Books and courses give you the tools to unlock your inner potential. That’s it.

Trust me I know, because every time I go to therapy I expect a magic answer or solution to the problem I have presented. However, just like anything in life there is no magic recipe. It’s hard “inner engineering” as my dear cousin would say.

2. Beat “thought masturbation” and get shit done

Recently I found out about Aubrey Marcus, who talks about relationships, personal success, vulnerability etc. He really not only inspired me to work even harder, yet to work smarter and start doing scary things.

In a really important episode chatting with Seth Godin, titled: “How to make money with purpose“, Marcus and Godin talk about a lot of things including how to turn a passion into a lucrative business (yes, I am also working on that) and they use a term I fell in love with – “thought masturbation”.

Thought masturbation is when you are constantly talking, thinking and researching of doing something, but you never actually do it. Because you believe you “don’t know enough” and you keep falling in that pattern.

And that is what fear does to you. So, the only way to beat fear is to do what scares you. For me the scariest thing was investing and starting this blog. Followed by doing Instagram selfie videos.

However, I found out I enjoy both, although it scares me. There’s also marketing – with no formal education in it, I am working in marketing. Every single time I do a marketing activity I get scared whether it’s good. I get so scared I go around the room and try to focus on breathing – because I am hyperventilating. And that’s proof I am doing good. Only great things scare us.

Another thing I incredibly loved from that podcast episode is – “Do you know what personal hell is? When you are at the end of your life. You have to look Intention in the eyes and say: ‘I didn’t do it because I was too afraid, I am sorry.’ ”

3. Do something – in baby steps

So, getting shit done comes from beating fear in its own game. An excellent way to end thought masturbation is to actually start doing something. Stop beating around the bush and do it. Yet, moderation is key.

To give you an example – I have a brilliant friend who is super smart. However, he is so scared. Because of that, he doesn’t end up doing a lot in life because of that fear. Lastly, he said he would like to talk to more people, especially now in quarantine.

So, what I made this guy do is download an app to talk to people. Because I know that with him I cannot push him to his limits, (because it’s going to backfire and he will never do anything to change himself) I made him just download an app for meeting people and not open and sign up. Because If I did that, chances are, it would be harder for him to download the app. Thus, that is opposite from the effect I want to achieve.

That’s why I pushed him as far to download it – one of these days, he is going to open it and start using it – because he is going to see it on his phone desktop and that will spark some motivation and ease him into the transition of change.

The importance of baby steps in getting shit done

As someone who is very known to become super heated with ideas and motivation and then goes cold turkey, I try to understand the importance of baby steps. According to my therapist, if you do things slowly and ease into them – the bigger the results will be. Think of it like a marathon – if you run at top speed, you are never going to run the whole thing. And motivation works in that way.

Sofija Sion

I am a young, prosperous writer who just decided to open up a blog and let her thoughts and ideas spread their wings. The purpose of this blog is to have fun, enjoy it like a piece of a chocolate bar (slowly and with great zest) and maybe learn a few tricks while we’re at it.

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