Dear 2020 thank goodness you sucked

Dude, If i had to describe 2020 with one word other than sucky, that would be: challenging. But, challenging is not a bad thing. It sounds bad, but it’s good. Challenging means you have the opportunity to become a greater version of yourself. And that should always be the end goal.

When all of us look back at this year, the one thing that will come to mind will be the goddamn pandemic. But, not for me.

You see, 2020 was the year that everything changed for me. The main reason was the surgery. I keep talking about that surgery because it truly changed everything. From a completely healthy girl, I became a barely walking stick for 5 months.

I endured the most pain I have endured in my life and learnt lessons I probably wouldn’t learn if it weren’t for that surgery.

I learnt that, asking for help is okay. Actually great leaders ask for help and delegate stuff, so that they can focus on the business. On the other hand, I learnt how important it is to have people around you.

One of the greatest thing my newly found mentor has taught me, specially in 2020. You don’t HAVE time, you MAKE time. If you do not make something a priority you will never devote time to it. That’s why when you’re like me, doing 10 projects at the same time, you have to prioritize. That’s the second lesson.

One thing to add here is that making time for friends and family even if you have to put it in your goddamn calendar is vital. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna become successful without having my best friend, my parents and my lover celebrating next to me.

Another thing that comes from the same mentor (mind you I met him in 2020!). Stick to what you know – life is too short to learn everything. As a genuinely curiosity killed the cat person, I started going back to my roots because once again, I got bored from all the new shit I have been testing out.

I realized I’m truly an expert in my area and I decided to stick with that. And apparently, when you decide to do that, things are going to start going your way as well.

2020 an overview:

2020 started fabulous. Went to Portugal – my dream country and I got to meet some of the most amazing people. I got to create memories out of a movie. I had the best birthday in my life, just because for once I let go of my control.

And if you wanna know how great. I’m talking I got a Mexican dinner with a lot of love. Amazing friends celebrating it with 2000s music and as the creme de la creme, a crown for the birthday queen. Oh and let’s not forget that the most epic birthday party was thrown in my name in the best Erasmus house in Portugal.

You know until the guy ate a bat, then the world went bat-shit crazy (get it?)

Then it went to shit. For the first days of official quarantine I was deadly afraid to go and buy groceries. I avoided it so much I spent extra money on food delivery because I was so afraid.

Then I had surgery. My biggest fear in my life – getting surgery, came to be. Alone, in a country where English isn’t the obvious choice and with not a single person I consider close. I had to go through my biggest nightmare alone.

Probably, lol not probably, definitely the shittiest experience of my life. And for that I am grateful.

You see, you don’t know true strength until you are challenged to provide that strength. And that’s when you find it in you.

What does the future hold?

2020 is a shitty year. For everyone. But thanks to its shittiness, I learned life’s most valuable lessons the hard way. But sometimes, it’s better to learn the hard way because that way shit is engraved in your head. Forever.

Also, 2020 is the year I faced my fears, whether I wanted or not. It’s the year I started a podcast, an IG platform, got into the business world both as an entrepreneur and as business woman (speaking of business here are some business lessons I learned from Suits) . And the year one of my ideas became so powerful that a community came out of it. It was the year that I really gave my all and asked for nothing.

2020 was the year where I learned that money and professional success are not entirely correlated. I learned that true wealth is the people around you. It was the year I started trusting myself more. Where I actually workout, do gratitude sessions and learn how to be a leader.

I have no idea what kind of a shitshow will 2021 be, but I’m ready for it. Even if things become worse than they are, I know that some good will come out of it.

Because that’s what us optimists so, we create opportunities, where there aren’t any. As I always say, “The difference between a realist and an optimist is that realists see the opportunities given, while optimists create their own opportunities. ”

So, Dear 2020 thank goodness you sucked as hard as you did. I learnt a lot from it and it definitively made me a better person.

Love, Soph

Sofija Sion

I am a young, prosperous writer who just decided to open up a blog and let her thoughts and ideas spread their wings. The purpose of this blog is to have fun, enjoy it like a piece of a chocolate bar (slowly and with great zest) and maybe learn a few tricks while we’re at it.

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