I’m a creative who during studies has waay too much time to think and write (and too little time to study). Wanna-be comedian without ever applying, organizational freak, cosmopolitan and overall people lover. This blog is a result of weekly (over)thinking and belief that people not only deserve to hear the uncomfortable truth no one wants to say, but find advice and find a friend.

I love humor, love and travel, hence that’s why those are the subjects that you will mostly find on this blog, with a sprinkle of fashion, beauty and maybe a review then and there. Probably there’s some things I’ve left out, but oh well, maybe next time.

I hope this blog is a guide, a friend and maybe even the perfect thing paired with wine and chocolate. On the other hand, I hope you hear everything you actually need (not only want) to hear.

So brace thyself, a blog worth of cringy, uncomfortable, humorous content is coming your way.

Always yours,


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