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5 swaps that changed the way I look at food

It’s been a hell of a week. From Erasmus documents, to booking an apt, to having an ex love call me after 3 years since he disappeared without a word from my life ( I was thinking of writing a post on it, but then I decided I was not going to give any meaning or power to it, mentioning it is enough 🙂 ) to taking and preparing for exams and a project I’ve been working for the last couple of months, which is coming to an end very soon.

And I also did something else – completely changed the way I eat. As a result, I feel more energized, my bloated stomach is a very rare sight (because I’m still adjusting) and it’s supposed ease PCOS .

vegan-meal-with-chickpeas-quinoa-sweet-potato-avocado-lime-and-high-fiber-vegetables-and-legumes-for-pcos-diet (1)

The diet is very strict and once you go on it, there’s no going out, because it’s a lifestyle change that affects insulin, the main culprit of PCOS. And as we know, PCOS never goes away.

It says no alcohol, no sugar (both refined and not) no dairy, no soy and no gluten. So, yes you are very limited. It’s also a combination of paleo (eating clean basically) and keto (which says that when you burn more fats than carbs you enter the process of ketosis) but not quite.

You’re allowed 25g of sugar per day. Your daily protein intake is supposed to be roughly 150g. Fruit is allowed only those that are low in sugar – oranges, strawberries, peaches etc.

And that’s it.

So, yes for me it’s quite a change in regimen.

At first I was like dayum, how am I going to do this, but almost 2 weeks in, I wonder why I didn’t do this before (lol because I didn’t know it existed). I was like: “You know what? I’m going to even try out all the cool vegan places in Ljubljana. So that’s what I did – I ordered cakes from Veganika, went to Kucha Madre, but when I got to both places, I realized that even vegan stuff isn’t completely compliant to my new dietary change. A lot of times I had to ask for changes – swap the bread for a gluten free one, but even that one has a lot of starch, which is not bueno. Then, I was very afraid of how will I replace sugar, because I have such a sweet tooth, but after googling a little bit, I found out that it’s honestly not so hard and there are so so so many replacements that are just as tasty as sugar. And some of those things literally changed the way I look at sweet food and made me caucious of what I put in my body.

There’s this really good saying, that has been going on as a reminder in my phone

– Eating is a form of self respect.

And If I can kick my past out, I can probably kick my bad food habits away once and for all. Especially when the diet is meant to reduce symptoms of pcos. So here are the swaps I made:

      1. Milk chocolate for dark chocolate
        I’ve always been a huge fan of chocolate, although ever since I moved to Slo I don’t eat it as often. But, a few nibs here and there have always been a part of my diet. After switching to this diet, I found out that I can eat dark chocolate. And I’ve hate it. All my life. Honestly I am one of those people whose favorite chocolate is white. Fight me. So, swapping it for chocolate that’s 70% cocoa (a.k.a. nasty af) and bitter, looked like my worst nightmare.Furthermore, it was hard even finding chocolate that has no dairy no refined sugar and. But then, Lindt’s 85% cocoa chocolate showed up and changed my life. With 584 calories per 100g, low fat cocoa,cocoa oil, cane sugar and vanilla, this chocolate is grand luxury. So I highly recommend it for satisfying a sweet tooth.
      2. Regular potatoes for sweet potatoes
        Macedonian cuisine has always been huge on potatoes. But potatoes and rice are considered as “high carbs” and are not really good for me. So, I had to find a replacement. And then I got introduced to the world of sweet potatoes. Which. are. the. tastiest. thing. on. this. planet. Not only they are slow carbs, but oh my god, they are so tasty. If you like pumpkin, then you will absolutely love sweet potatoes. There are so many good recipes with it and I’m doing a list for next week’s post on cool recipes, but I am deeply in love with sweet potato pad thai.
      3. Bread for salad
        This is actually something I learned this summer from my friend Matilda in Vegas. She’s diabetic (and pcos includes high risks from diabetes) so when she took me to try In N Out (the best from fast food in the US!) she ordered her with green salad and no bread. So I took over – when I make homemade burgers I wrap it in salad and not bread. Not only do I save a bunch of calories, but also bread has gluten, which is not good for me.
      4. Milk for almond milk
        Another change I noticed after started faculty is that I am no longer tolerant to milk and lactose in general. And at first I bought vanilla, non-lactose milk, but when I read the ingredient list I was baffled how this milk is actually a carb and not fat! Then I got angry and stopped buying milk at all. Until I found Adez almond milk that is completely without added sugars!
      5. Juice for Kombucha
        All my life, my grandma made homemade juices to which I basically got addicted to. And then I started drinking orange juice, but that thing still has sugar and If i’m allowed only 25 grams I need a substitute. I drink a lot of teas (completely used to without honey or sugar) but I needed something else. I was thinking of trying Kombucha forever and then I did. And I liked it.

    So, those are all my recommendations, probably going to do a list of cool recipe ideas for next post. Or if you have a better idea, let me know in the comments below or shoot me a DM on insta @sofija.sion

    Always yours,

Sofija Sion

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